Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit Nine

Metalworking Occupations
Length - 3 years
Program Training Goals - Instruction centers on three separate but related trades: general machining, welding, and CNC machine operations. Students will master program competencies through the manufacture, fabrication, and repair of various projects and assignments in addition to theory exercises. Students will develop skills using various metalworking machines such as mills, lathes, and cut-off saws. Additionally, students will be exposed to the various types of welding, including ARC, TIG, MIG, and oxygen acetylene.
Program Certificate -The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS)
Career Options - Machine Tool Operator; Welder; Machinist; Tool Room Clerk; Tool and Die Maker; Machine and Tool Sales Person
Abilities for Success - Excellent math, problem solving, and communication skills.
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For more information, contact Seneca Highlands Area Vocational School Director, Donald Raydo at 642-2573.
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