Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit Nine

About Us



Mr. Don Wismar, Executive Director

Executive Director’s Message 

“To become the epitome of Rural Education Leadership”…………….This Vision permeates the Mission and Goals of Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit Nine. 

                Through ongoing fiscal scrutiny, entrepreneurial efforts, and analysis of programs and services to our fourteen constituent school districts, we feel that we are well on our way to accomplishing this lofty Vision.

                With a staff of dedicated IU9 ambassadors, the future of our Intermediate Unit is bright.

We will continue acting on our belief that focusing upon high-quality educational services in Rural

Pennsylvania will ultimately benefit students, our most important clients!



Mrs. Anita Danielson, Assistant to the Executive Director
The Assistant to the Executive Director assists with the overall operation of the Intermediate Unit. In addition, this office is responsible for transportation for certain special needs students, driver education programs in some school districts, Area Vo-tech Networking and Computer Repair Evening School, Adult Education Programs (ABE/GED and skill development), Family Literacy, coordination of the IU9 Education Foundation, and the Regional Summer School of Excellence. 



Mrs. Shelly Carson, Director of Special Education



Ms. Cindy Murphy, Director of Curriculum, Technology & Resources
The Director of Curriculum, Technology, and Resources oversees the Curriculum Department and the IMS Department, which includes the Print Shop and Technology Department.  The Curriculum Department provides consultation and professional development in the areas of Curriculum Development, Educational Planning, and Instructional Improvement.   The IMS Department provides printing and technology services to all districts as well as specific technology services to the Seneca Highlands Wide Area Network (SHWAN) members. 




Mrs. Kim Degolier, Director of Business & Management

The Director of Business and Management Services oversees the operations of the Business Office, including payroll and benefit administration, cash management, budgeting, accounts payable and receivable, audit coordination and all state and federal financial reporting for the Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit and Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center.  In addition, this office provides support and assistance to our fourteen school districts in the areas of co-op purchasing, reporting issues, budget development and transportation issues.



Mr. Mark Espin, Director of Certification, Information Management and Resources
The Department of Certification, Information Management and Resources is responsible for managing  the establishment and maintenance of effective two-way communication among the various organization levels; formulation, recommendation, and administration of the Intermediate Unit’s human resources policies; and, when possible, reaching out into the school districtsand responding to their human resource needs.


Mr. James Young, Director of Career Technical Center
The Director of the Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center is responsible for the supervision and administration of training programs and staff at the area school. Responsibilities fall into three broad areas:  instructional programs (secondary and adult), instructional and non-instructional staff, and building and grounds. The Director reports to the Intermediate Unit Executive Director who acts as the school's Chief School Administrator.