Board of Directors

The Intermediate Unit is a local educational agency controlled locally. The policy making body is a board of education which consists of fourteen members. To be a school director of the Intermediate Unit, one must be on the board of school directors of one of the constituent districts. Ultimately, the fourteen school districts, by approving expenditures for services, determine the work of the Intermediate Unit. Intermediate Unit staff, who meet at least five times per year with an Advisory Council consisting of the fourteen district superintendents, develop and recommend services to school directors of districts and of the Intermediate Unit.

Mr. Paul Ridley, - Bradford Area School District - President

Mr. Matt Windsor - Otto-Eldred School District - Vice President

Mrs. Melissa Shields - Secretary - Non-member

Mrs. Kimberly DeGolier - Treasurer - Non-member

Mr. Raymond Learn - Smethport Area School District

Mr. Ralph Young - Austin Area School District

Mr. Robert Lininger - Cameron County School District

Mrs. Jenna Gurney - Coudersport Area School District

Mrs. Bonita Stover - Galeton Area School District

Mr. David Allegretto - Johnsonburg Area School District

Maj. Thomas Kerek - Kane Area School District

Mr. Michael Grimes - Northern Potter School District

Mrs. Linda Burks - Oswayo Valley School District

Mrs. Bonna Johns - Port Allegany School District

Ms. Aimee Kemick - Ridgway Area School District

Mrs. Kathryn Blake - St. Marys Area School District