STEM Design Challenge


  • Q: Do the 3 objects have to be picked up in the same area or could there be multiple "claws" that pick up items from different locations?
    • A: It could be multiple claws.
  • Q: Can projects include things like Arduino microcomputers?
    • A: We don’t have a rule about that so they can definitely try it.
  • Q: Do the objects being picked up have to be K'Nex?
    • A: The objects that will be picked up do not need to be K’Nex. The rest of the project must be out of K’nex.
  • Q: Can the object being moved be pushed?
    • A: They cannot be pushed. The challenge does specify picking up the items so if a team creates something that scoops, the objects will still need to come off of the table.
  • Q: Can they use any string?
    • A: String is part of a few K’Nex kits so teams may use string. They do not need to purchase official K’Nex string. Any string will do.
  • Q: Can I have five on a team?
    • A: There are only four allowed to be working and presenting during the competition, but if you want to have a backup participant, that would be fine.