Curriculum & Resources

Welcome to IU9 Curriculum Services

Director of Curriculum, Technology, and Resources: Cindy Murphy,, 814-887-5512

Instructional Technology Integrator: Greg Macer,, 814-887-5512

The IU9 Office of Curriculum Services provides consultation and technical assistance in three areas:

Curriculum Development

Educational Planning

Instructional Improvement

Curriculum Development

  • Providing assistance to districts in curriculum mapping and Standards Aligned Systems (SAS)

  • Facilitating the IU9 Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Councils, IU9 Guidance Counselors, and IU9 Coaches

  • ESL Program: Maintaining ESL resource library

  • Acting as IU9 contact/facilitator for the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) initiative for school administrators

  • Facilitating IU9 MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) Training

Educational Planning

  • Acting as a resource for Pennsylvania’s Chapter 4, which includes the Academic Standards and the PSSA (PA System of School Assessment), Keystone Exams, and PA Core

  • Facilitating workshops and meetings which provide professional education opportunities for IU/district staff members

  • Developing and coordinating the annual Seneca Highlands Summer Curriculum Institute

  • Coordinating the delivery of Continuing Professional Education courses (face-to-face and online instruction)

  • Facilitating trainings on the PA Teacher Evaluation Tool

  • Acting as the IU9 liaison for Acts 48 and 45; training & consultation on Acts 48 and 45 Guidelines

  • Facilitating the Comprehensive Planning initiative

  • Surveying, analyzing, and compiling IU9 state assessment/SPP data

Instructional Improvement

  • Providing training and consultation in STEM

  • Working with districts to design and implement Comprehensive Plans

  • Developing IU9 Tools for School Instructional Support (i.e., Literary Device Bags, Anchors Flipcharts, MLA Research Paper Guides, Book Review Folders, and Curriculum Mapping Template)

  • Delivering specific training on Literacy and Math instructional strategies

  • Delivering specific training on instructional strategies for content-area teachers

  • Providing ongoing training/consultation for districts and IU staff on data analysis tools

  • Providing focused assistance to struggling schools

  • Participating in IU9 Training Team for Substitute Teachers

For more information on the Curriculum Program at IU9, please contact:

Cindy Murphy, Director of Curriculum, Technology, and Resources, at