PIL - PA Inspired Leadership

PA Inspired Leadership Program (PIL)

The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program is a statewide, standards-based continuing professional education program for school and system leaders. The comprehensive, cohort-based program is focused on developing the capacity of leaders to improve student achievement. The program is offered by the Department of Education in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Intermediate Units and other partners at eight regional sites (see accompanying map). Each of the eight sites is administered by a PIL Regional Site Coordinator.

This program meets the requirements of Act 45 of 2007, which directs the Department to establish a Principal Induction Program that addresses the three core PA leadership standards and a Continuing Professional Education Program that addresses the three core and six corollary PA leadership standards.

The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program courses provide PIL continuing professional education credit/hours needed by certified administrators serving in PIL-covered positions in Commonwealth Schools as well. The program also offers courses that have been approved to fulfil the Act 45 Principal Induction requirement. Please check the PIL Region schedules for course availability.


The PIL 2018-19 Program Application is now available. You may download the application and email the completed document to the designated address.

WHAT IS ACT 45 OF 2007

For more information on Act 45 of 2007, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, or you can read the complete text of the Act 45.


In addition to the existing PDE/PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program course schedules displayed under each Region, a current listing of approved programs and courses, offered by other entities, that meet the requirements for ACT 45 of 2007 for school and system leaders can be found below.

For questions regarding PIL, please contact Doug Ulkins at dulkins@iu17.org