STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics -- the four core disciplines critical to the development of America's technological innovations today and in the future.

STEM initiatives are efforts designed to foster the development and expansion of our nation's STEM workforce -- individuals who receive sufficient academic and career exploration opportunities so that they can become contributors to our economic innovation and competitiveness.

Pennsylvania's STEM Initiative is a state-wide strategy to prepare the commonwealth for a future driven by global competition. A cornerstone of this effort is the formation of a state-wide STEM strategy, to align and enhance existing resources while developing new programs and partnerships that allow us to engage in a science, technology, engineering, and math education redesign.

The STEM Initiative develops and deploys statewide strategies and resources designed to enhance the Commonwealth’s education and workforce development efforts targeted at the development of a globally competitive science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce.

Central to Pennsylvania's STEM strategy is the development of a Statewide STEM Network and five Regional Networks which will be aligned to Pennsylvania's Inspired Leadership areas. The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Initiative is a state-wide, standards-based leadership development system for school leaders. Pennsylvania's Industrial Resource Centers and Workforce Investment Boards will also be key participants.

Comprehensive information is available at including strategy documents, partner data and partner links.

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