Technology Integration

"Technological literacy is defined as computer skills and the ability to use computers and other technology to improve learning, productivity, and performance."

---The United States Department of Education

In looking at this definition, we realize that technology is only a tool to improve education. Many educators feel that technology is a separate subject, such as Science or Art. Technology cannot be separated from the regular curriculum. The power of these technological skills comes when they are taught in an integrative way that will improve the learning process.

Educators can easily integrate technology into their curriculum in a meaningful and purposeful way. It does not take a vast amount of effort to integrate technology as long as educators remember that technology should be used to improve or enhance their existing curriculum.

Through IU9 Instructional Media Services (IMS), all schools in Cameron, Elk, McKean and Potter counties are provided with access to instructional technology resources. These resources take many forms, including the media library, distance learning, and professional support for instructional technology integration.

Digital resources are available online through school access to Discovery Education Streaming video Plus.

Distance Learning services include interactive teleconferences via Satellite, videoconferencing and use of Moodle, an online learning environment. Access to Internet 2 provides interactive teaching and learning resources such as virtual field trips, use of scientific research tools such as remotely-controlled electron microscopes, and the ability to collaborate with other students and teachers around the world using video conference equipment.

IU9 Instructional Media provides professional support for K-12 instructional technology integration via custom designed professional development workshops, regularly scheduled meetings, and annual regional Middle and High School Computer Fairs, which qualify students to compete with peers at the state level.

For assistance on integrating technology into your curriculum or use of any of these resources, please contact IU9's Instructional Technology Integrator.

Point of Contact: Mr. Greg Macer

Ph: 814-887-5512