McKean County EI

Infant Toddler Program

Serving Children ages birth to 3

While all children grow and change at their own rate, some children have delays in their development. Infant/Toddler Early Intervention provides supports and services to children under age 3 with developmental delays to help the child to grow and develop. Services are always provided at no cost to the family

Infant/toddler Early Intervention can help a child and their family by

  • answering questions and providing information about child development
  • coaching the family to work with their child during daily routines at home and in the community
  • helping the child to become more independent in daily routines and activities
  • helping communities become more aware of the abilities of all children

Supports and services are designed to meet the developmental needs of children in:

  • physical development (using their large and small muscles to move and play) including vision and hearing
  • cognitive development (thinking skills)
  • communication development (talking, listening and understanding)
  • social emotional development (interacting with others)
  • adaptive (self-help skills)

Children are determined eligible to receive services if they:

  • demonstrate a developmental delay when evaluated
  • have a diagnosis with a high probability of delay or
  • have been determined eligible by informed clinical opinion

Services are provided in the child’s natural environment including the child’s home, child care center, play group, grandmas’ home etc. Supports and services are embedded in the typical routines and activities within the family, community and/or early care settings.

For more information, please call the Service Coordinator responsible for your county.

Cindy Wright - (814) 975-1221