PaTTAN Resources for Behavior

Below are some valuable resources on assistive technology offered through Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN). The mission of this organization is to support the efforts and initiatives of the Bureau of Special Education, and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to serve students who receive special education services.

An Introduction to PA's Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Program (SWPBS)

This booklet describes Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS), provides an SWPBS model and a Response to Intervention model, and explains why an SWPBS system is necessary.

Behavioral Health Services: An Introductory Guide for Educators

This guide provides educators and administrators with an overview of information to assist in understanding Pennsylvania’s system of behavioral health services for children and their families.

School-Based Behavioral Health Services: Options for Schools to Provide Behavioral Health Services

This fact sheet provides educators and administrators with an overview of options for providing behavioral health services. Schools may provide other individualized approaches that are not mentioned in this document.

An Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis - Revised

This booklet describes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); how ABA is used in education; and different educational approaches that use the principles of ABA.

Using Applied Behavior Analysis to Educate Students with Autism in Inclusive Environments

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides an evidence-based framework for addressing the needs of students with autism within inclusive educational settings. This booklet provides an overview of autism, inclusive practices, and ABA and explains the link between them.

Positive Behavior Supports Within a Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) Framework

This fact sheet provides an explanation of how, when implemented together, Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) and Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) ensure a solid foundation of support and instruction for all students.

Teacher's Desk Reference Classroom Management

This issue of Teachers’ Desk Reference outlines practical classroom strategies, tips, and basic procedures that teachers can use to make favorable modifications in their students’ behavior.

Alternatives to Suspension and Expulsion

Despite their wide-spread use, disciplinary exclusions are largely ineffective in reducing problem behaviors. This product provides information about implementing alternative consequence strategies and reducing the need for suspension and expulsion.

PA Verbal Behavior Project Family Handbook

The PA Verbal Behavior Project is staffed by consultants who provide guidance on effective instruction for students with autism.