General Forms

We want to show the awesome things going on with the IU and Facebook is a great way to do so. This form will allow you to compose the text of the post and upload photos that you want shared. Make sure if the photos showcase students that we have a photo release form for them. All posting will go through the social media manager. *You must be logged into your Google account to complete the form.

General Forms

IU9 has many forms that it uses for various purposes. Please locate the appropriate form(s) as you need them, and click the "View PDF" link to download.

  • To access the Act 114 FBI Background Check, click here.

  • To access the Act 34 Criminal Background Check, click here

  • To access IU9's Conference Room Request form, click here.

  • To access the IRS Publication 463 on Fringe benefits, click here.