IU9 Virtual Academy

The IU9 facilitates a Virtual Academy for school districts within the Intermediate Unit that want to provide an online learning environment for their students. Districts that participate in this program are able to offer students a full-time online experience while those students remain a part of the school district. Schools are also able to offer part-time opportunities for students to take core courses, enrichment courses, credit recovery courses, electives or drivers theory.

The curriculum provided through the Virtual Academy meets the same rigorous standards as courses offered in the traditional setting and we are able to offer them in a cost effective manner. IU9 partners with Waterfront Learning, a program at IU3 in Allegheny County, in order to offer courses at rates which are lower than traditional cyber charter school rates.


Anita R. Danielson

Assistant to the Executive Director

Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit 9


(814) 887-5512