PA Core Flipchart

The PA Core flipcharts are a desktop reference tool. As teachers and administrators struggle to incorporate the PA Common Core eligible content into their curriculum, these quick desktop reference guides give teachers and administrators an easy way to access the PA Core and Keystone Exam eligible content in a printed format. The organization of the flipcharts provides easy tabs for teachers to get right to the eligible content they will need for their lessons.

IU9 PA Core Flipcharts are printed for grades K-8 with Language Arts and Math eligible content on one chart per grade level. Also available are flipcharts for the Keystone Exam areas at the high school which include Algebra 1, Algebra, 2, Geometry on one chart, Literature and Composition on one chart, and Biology on its own chart.

The cost of the IU9 PA Core Flipcharts is $20 per flip chart per grade level and/or Keystone Exam area. Orders will include a 10% fee for shipping and handling. To order, please click here.

Below is a sample view of the IU9 PA Core Flipcharts:

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