This professional development will be broken down into four 90 minutes sessions. The first three can be flexibly scheduled to meet the needs of your team, while the final collaborative meeting will be held on June 11th from 1:00-3:00 from a virtual meeting space with all districts that participated.

We will spend this time working to create your district's Vision for Computer Science, evaluating existing programs and structures, and begin crafting your district-wide plan for CS implementation. We ask that if you are interested and AFTER establishing your group that you register the team by filling out this form. Only one person from your SCRIPT team needs to fill out this form.

During our workshop, you will have additional support provided by some local IU folk who will be there virtually. These IU folk will be in attendance for your support and assistance as your team completes the SCRIPT work. As well as will set up the scheduled meetings through the Zoom platform.

Participating districts are asked to commit to a minimum of five participants from across the district, including one central administrator, one building administrator, two K-12 teachers/librarians who are currently teaching or are expected to teach CS, and one counselor. The recommended team consists of at least two central administrators, two building administrators from different buildings, four K-12 teachers/librarians who are currently teaching or are expected to teach CS, and two counselors (one MS and one HS). You may attend with a maximum of 15 participants. Your SCRIPT team members should represent buildings from across the district. Please ensure your full team is organized before the start of the program.

Below, you will find our agenda for the sessions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be reaching out to start scheduling personal sessions once teams have been registered. If you'd like to see which other districts have already completed the SCRIPT process, you can check out our PA SCRIPT map found here! We’re excited to work with all of you!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4