Competitions challenge students to rise up and engage with others while developing both natural talent and applied skills.

Seneca Highlands IU9 2022 Art Exhibit

We invite each building to send one submission for the 12th Annual Student Art Contest. We will display the winners’ artwork in our hallways.

All entries must be entirely original work by the student and on 11” x 17” paper. We will not accept anything larger or smaller.

Submit one winner per building by April 6, 2023, to the attention of Shelby Johnson.

STEM Design Challenge

Infrastructure is the framework of our world. Buildings, roads, and power supplies are essential needs of our society. Your challenge is to improve our travel system. From air travel to vehicle travel to bicycling, etc. how can they be improved to create a safer, healthier, cleaner, world?

View the Stem Design Challenge flyer to learn more about the 2022 challenge, rules, criteria, and more.